Healthcare Systems Core Course Week

A unique part of the DIS program is the study tours where you travel with your core course and integrate what you’ve been learning from your core course into this out-of-classroom experience. There are two study tours in total – one within Denmark for three days and another at a nearby European country for a week. With my healthcare systems core course, we recently traveled to Vejle and Århus, both in the western parts of Denmark for three days. Check out below for what we did in those three days!

Day 1:

After boarding the bus in the early morning, it took us about three hours to Vejle. Our first stop was a group activity at Gorilla Park. Gorilla Park has obstacle courses that include ropes courses and ziplining. In total, there are seven levels of courses. If you pass through level 4, you are able to do level 6 which is zip lining around the park (and of course that was my goal). The short training was fairly short and simple, but the courses get harder as you move up to a level. The heights weren’t the problem, but the obstacles themselves. They are harder than you think! If you go here (or any other ropes courses), I recommend bringing gloves.

Lunchtime was mixed in with the Gorilla Park activity time, so when we finished the park, it was time to check into the hotel and eat dinner. I had a nice buffet dinner at Restaurant Flammen. I definitely tried to grab as much food as I can especially because this was a free dinner (thanks DIS).

Then we had the rest of the evening to ourselves. Honestly, there isn’t much to do in Vejle. So, my friends and I went to 7/11 to buy snacks and played “We’re Not Really Strangers” until we were tired. I do want to say that this is a good opportunity to get closer with people in the core course whether it’s friends who you knew beforehand or people you just met and realized that they were in your class section this whole entire time.

Eating candy and playing “We’re Not Really Strangers” with Monica and Sarah

Day 2:

My second piece of advice to you is to get coffee or some kind of caffeine to get you through the day. I usually hate coffee, but it was my best friend during this study tour. This day started at 8:30 am (not counting the early breakfast), and my class went straight to Horsens for an academic visit at Sund By. Here, I listened to two presentations of employees of Sund By about what they do and how they work to do community engagements. Horsens used to be known as a prison city, but after rebuilding and hosting many music festivals (essentially some type of gentrification), Horsens is slowly becoming a popular touristy place.

Afterward, we got a pizza buffet for lunch at Restaurant Mammas. There, our professor sang a Danish happy birthday for two classmates whose birthdays were that day (and it was great!).

Remember that Horsens was known as a prison city? I went to Fængslet, a prison-turned museum for another group activity. A tour guide led a tour around the museum while giving interesting stories about “iconic” prisoners that were held there. My favorite story was about Carl August Lorentzen who manually dug himself out of prison through a tunnel.

Then we went to a general practitioner for another academic visit. In class, I’ve been learning about the basic foundations of the Danish healthcare system, especially the role of general practioners (GP). So, it was cool to be able to personally ask questions to a GP that I wouldn’t have gotten a clear answer to in class since my professors aren’t GPs. My class asked so many questions that we easily filled up the two hours that were given with the GP.

For the rest of the evening, I arrived to Århus and had free time to go anywhere. My friends and I first went to eat at the Århus Street Food for dinner. The place had so many different food stalls, each representing a different cruisine. From ramen to crepes, the options seemed endless. We finally ended the night by walking around the city and chilling out at a Sherlock themed pub, making it the perfect way to end the night.

Day 3:

Last day! After a nice breakfast, I went to Region Midt Århus for an academic visit. Similar to the visit with the GP, it was interesting to hear about the work of the Region Midt employees and make connections to what I’ve been learning in class. Admittedly, I was exhausted at this point. The bus rides felt longer and longer especially because it was hard for me to fall asleep. And I didn’t have coffee!

Luckily, the rest of the day was a group acitivity and travelling back to Copenhagen.

For the last group activity of this trip, I went to Moesgaard Museum, an archaeology museum. It was an interesting museum particularly the Bog Man, a mummified corpse. The man lived about 2000 years ago before he was violently killed and placed in a watery grave in a small bog. He was well preserved enough that you can still see a lot of his physical features and hair.

Bog Man

Finally, we took the bus and ferry back to Copenhagen, ending this three day study tour. The next, week-long study tour will be in a couple of weeks from now. I’m excited to go to Finland, but I will be taking a much-deserved break in the meantime.

Check out my core course week vlog!

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