Hiking Møns Klint

According to Wikipedia, Møns Klint is a 6 km stretch of chalk cliffs along the eastern coast of the Danish island of Møn in the Baltic Sea. A few weeks ago, I was lucky to see these mesmerizing cliffs.

Møns Klint is about a two hours drive from Copenhagen, so it’s not a place that DIS students can go on a regular basis. But luckily my friend and her host family took me there for a nice hike around the cliffs. I slept through most of the car ride, and before I knew it, we were already there.

The trail began with very steep steps down to the beach beneath the cliffs. The steps are in the forest, so we passed by lots of tall trees, small waterfalls, and of course – the cliffs themselves.

The beach is as beautiful as the cliffs themselves. I still remember the bright blue waters clashing against the rocks and soft white sand all around my feet. There were also chalky rocks so you can write on a rock. In the best way that I could – I tried to write “Alice // Emma // DIS 2021.”

After a sandwich and making a wish with 7 stacked rocks, we walked along the beach until we reached the next staircase to go back up.

Unfortunately, the next staircase was closed because the stairs were rotting. So we had two choices – go back to the previous staircase we came from or keep walking to the next staircase. We all chose to keep walking because we still had enough energy and time. How bad could it be? Well, it was definitely longer than we imagined. Not only was the next staircase longer than the previous walk, but we also had to go up steep steps, and circle back from where we came from the start.

After the long hike, we drove to a local ice cream shop near a farm for a deserving ice cream reward. Since I wasn’t prepared for a long hike, I was admittedly exhausted. According to my Apple’s health app, we walked for about 10 km (~6 miles) in total (which is crazy). But it was a beautiful day in a beautiful place so I had no regrets.

This was my first trip outside of Copenhagen. There are so many towns and areas in Denmark to travel to, but it’s hard to travel there if you don’t have a car and it takes time to plan for trips like these. Therefore, I’m grateful to have gone and gotten my steps in, but I will remember to wear athletic clothing next time.

Check out the Møns Klint mini vlog!

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