Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam in 8 Days: A Photo Essay

Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam

From October 9th-17th, DIS students had a break from classes. Students can do anything and travel anywhere during this time. As long as they were safe and followed proper COVID-19 precautions, the choices are endless. After contemplating for weeks and buying last minute flight tickets, I finally decided on Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. I chose these cities mainly because they were on my list of must-visit cities in Europe. Because I have MANY photos but limited storage, here is a photo essay of my trips:

October 9th

October 10th

We walked along the East Side Gallery through all the artwork. This is my top highlight of Berlin.

October 11th

I started my day with a walking tour around Berlin hitting many main spots of Berlin. This is a great way to know about the city in a short amount of time.

After finishing the tour, I walked to the Victory Column and went all the way to the top for a sweet view of the city.

I met up with my friends to go up to the TV Tower which gives a 360 view of Berlin.

We ended the day eating dinner at the Potsdamer Platz and visited the Brandenburg Tower (again).

October 12th

October 13th

Right off the bat, I woke up early in the morning to go to the Louvre Museum. It was definitely an overwhelming museum, and I don’t think I got through even half of the museum in the two hours that I was there.

This was a solo trip so even though I was really nervous coming here alone, I didn’t run into any problems getting around and seeing all the monuments that I wanted to see!

October 14th

I then went to the Luxembourg Gardens. It was one of the most breathtaking views that I have ever seen.
With a DIS friend, we went to see the Eiffel tower!

October 15th

I took a 3 hour long train from Paris to my last top of the trip, Amsterdam

October 16th

With a college friend who is studying abroad in Amsterdam, we went to Vondelpark.
And we checked out more art, specifically street art.

October 17th

I never realized how much I loved art until coming to Europe. So yes, I went to another art museum, the Van Gogh Museum! This one is my favorite place in Amsterdam.

This was a crazy experience that I can’t believe I got to go through. These trips each taught me how to be with other people, taught me more about myself especially when I was traveling alone, and taught me many life skills that I’ll take with me as I travel to more places. Being able to travel to all these places in only 8 days is what makes me love this program and semester abroad even more. I even didn’t share EVERYTHING that I got to visit and do in these three cities, but I can’t wait to share more adventures of other countries that I’ve gone to/plan to go, and of course, more in Denmark! Until the next adventure.

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